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Fast Traxx RC Encyclopedia of all Tyco Fast Traxx Models including Fast Traxx Eliminator Fast Traxx Pickup Mini Traxx Super Fast Traxx and many more

Encyclopedia of Tyco Fast Traxx

9109 Taiyo Super Fast Traxx New

One of the greatest RC models ever created, the Fast Traxx!

The Tyco Collectors site has written articles for each and every one of them released by Tyco Toys and Taiyo Toys. On Christmas mornings and birthdays, kids across the world woke up to the coolest thing they’d ever seen, from the USA to Japan, Italy to Australia, Greece to Mexico, it was something we can all relate to, and the nostalgia that comes with it.

Personally I own every model except the Super Fast Traxx, as frankly I’m not a millionaire, but whether you own all, some, or none, you can enjoy them here at TycoCollectors, and I hope it brings you back some good memories and nostalgia.

But first up, let’s get into the mood… it’s 1991…  you’re sitting home after school munching chips and suddenly… it’s a new Tyco Commercial!

AI Restoration of the Tyco Fast Traxx TV commercial

You probably saw this as a kid right? Me too. But after 30 years sitting as a VHS tape in someone’s garage, they’re not looking so crash hot. That’s why I’ve restored this old commercial using the latest in AI video enhancement technology to clean up the image and sound. Check it out!

And when you’re done with that… here they are…

Every Tyco Fast Traxx model ever released…

If you know of one I’ve missed, leave a comment at the bottom!

9015 Taiyo Fast Traxx yellow box

1990 Taiyo Fast Traxx

Before it came to the USA, the Fast Traxx was released by Taiyo in Japan, who manufactured almost all the Tyco RC models.

Read our article about it here!

2609 49 Tyco Fast Traxx Pickup Black Car with Box Battery Controller

1992 Tyco Fast Traxx Pickup

Is this cool, or is this freak’in cool! The Fast Traxx Pickup is my personal favorite Fast Traxx RC, a combination of the Tyco Bandit body, and a ‘Traxx!

Read our article about it here!

fast traxx pick up

1990 Taiyo Fast Traxx Pickup

Originally released in Japan, of course!

Read our article about it here!

2621 Tyco Super Fast Traxx Box e1672466750771

1992 Tyco Super Fast Traxx

An incredible 1/10 model that was as close to Hobby Grade as Tyco / Taiyo ever got, with a massive motor and hobby-grade 7.2V battery.

Read our article about it here!

9030 Taiyo Mini Traxx Box

1990 Taiyo Mini Traxx

A miniature version of the Fast Traxx RC, and probably the best ‘Mini’ RC Car that Tyco / Taiyo ever released.

Read our article about it here!

2606 27 Tyco Half Traxx Silver perspective

1992 Tyco Half Traxx

Available in two eye-catching colors, the Half Traxx was a cross between the Turbo Blaster and the Fast Traxx RC.

Read our article about it here!

9134 Taiyo FastTraxx Eliminator Red Withbox

1991 Taiyo Fast Traxx Eliminator

Another collector’s favorite, this Fast Traxx RC model is built with a Tyco Eliminator body.

Read our article about it here!

2644 Tyco Monster Traxx Box Front

1996 Tyco RC Monster Traxx

One of the last Fast Traxx RC models released, the Monster Traxx is a transforming stunt vehicle that’s unlike anything else.

Read our article about it here!

9111 Taiyo Half Traxx White Left Side with Controller and Box e1673169442482

1991 Taiyo Half Traxx

The rare Tyco Half Traxx in White, also available as a regular Fast Traxx RC in White. Only available in Japan, and something we don’t see very often

Read our article about it here!

2342 49 Tyco Mini Traxx Pickup Box Front e1673948627337

1993 Tyco Mini Traxx Pickup

We weren’t ever sure this was real when we first found it. The Mini Traxx Pickup is rare, and so so cool.

Read our article about it here!

9109 Taiyo Super Fast Traxx

1991 Taiyo Super Fast Traxx

We’ve not yet written an article for this one, though it’s largely the same as its Tyco twin.

2608 Tyco Fast Traxx Orange box

1996 Fast Traxx

Re-released by Tyco a year before their purchase by Mattel, it’s almost identical to the original yet it was made in Tyco’s new (at the time) factory in China.

Read our article about it here!

2860 Tyco Maxx Traxx Box Front 1

1995 Maxx Traxx

While it’s not a 9.6V Turbo (just 6.0V Jet Turbo), I have to admit the Maxx Traxx is pretty darn sick, and I’d not say no to one!

Read our article about it here!

Tyco Super Fast Pull Back Motor Fast Traxx Pickup Pink

Fast Traxx Super Fast Pull Back Motor

Did you ever see these? In toy stores for a short time in the ’90s, these mechanical pull-back miniature Tyco RC models are so freak’in cool!

Read our article about it here!

Unknown Taiyo Fast Traxx Reissue Box Top 1

2000’s The Fast Traxx

Shortly before the demise of this once great company, they re-issued the Fast Traxx RC with several minor improvements. It’s rare, but it’s out there!

Read our article about it here!

Did you know that Nikko made a competing product?

Well, several actually!

See our comparison here.

If you read this far, we have something extra to share…

Here is the Fast Traxx TV Commercial from Italy – for unknown reasons they went with a completely different look, and it’s pretty cool! Check it out!

An Italian TV Commercial for the Fast Traxx

Want to buy a Fast Traxx?

The below will display any currently on sale in your region…. if none found, open the eBay Deal Finder and go searching! Open the eBay Deal Finder

But wait, there’s more!

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