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Tyco RC TV Commercials from 1980s 1990s AI Restoredreader letters got a question
  • 1983 Tyco A-Team Action Racing

    Tyco A-Team Action Racing is a slot car set themed around the 80s TV hit, The A-Team, released into the US, UK, and other markets worldwide in 1983. Concept
  • 1986 Tyco Turbo Train with Nite-Glow

    The Tyco Turbo Train with Nite Glow is a super fast model train set released in the US, UK, and other markets worldwide in 1986.
  • 1993 Tyco Lamborghini Championship

    Tyco Lamborghini Championship Electric Racing was a 1993 slot car set released by Tyco in the US, UK, and other countries worldwide.
  • 6255 Tyco Racin Hoppers Front Box Style 1

    1988 Tyco Racin Hoppers

    The Tyco Racin Hoppers was a slot car set based on the off-road radio control cars of the same name,…
  • 6208 Tyco Days of Thunder Electric Racing Box Front

    1990 Tyco Days of Thunder

    Days of Thunder Electric Racing is a slot car set based on the 1990 film of the same name, starring…
  • 1275 Tyco Hot Keyz Box Front

    1990 Tyco Hot Keyz

    The Tyco Hot Keys was a musical toy manufactured by Tyco Industries and released in the US, UK, and many…
  • RC Car Display with Clear Shoe Boxes

    As you may have seen from our Taiyo & Tyco Collectors around the World page, you can create a great looking display of your best items using Transparent Shoe Boxes from Amazon / eBay. But wait! Save yourself time and money by ensuring you get the right type and size!
  • 10 Must Have Vintage Toy Restoration Tools

    Here's 10 tools and materials you'll need to do a quick and basic restoration without causing damage.
  • Top 20 Most Popular RC Cars of 80s 90s

    Based on 12 months of Google Analytics data, we can now reveal the scientifically verified most popular 80s / 90s Radio Control Cars (Toy Grade) of all time!
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There are currently over 400 products documented here covering US, UK, Japanese and European brands, each with history, reviews, photos, valuation, and where to buy them now. For any specific requests, please contact me.

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