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Complete Guide to the TYCO TURBO HOPPER

Everything you’d want to know about the Tyco Turbo Hopper also known as the Taiyo Jet Hopper or Dickie Jet Hopper

As a young kid, the best toy I ever owned was a Metro Jet Hopper, known in the USA as the Tyco Turbo Hopper. In Japan, the original product is known as the Taiyo Jet Hopper. 

I ran my car until the rear tires were bald, and they almost looked like Nascar slicks. Mine was a Red 27Mhz, and the older kid across the road had a Black 49Mhz which looked mean. Eventually I lost the controller, and it just sat there, but it was still cool.

If you’re interested in how the Turbo Hopper came to be, and the history of Tyco R/C or Tyco Toys as a company, then checkout our article on the History of Tyco Toys.

Tyco Turbo Hopper Poster Small Watermarked
Tyco Turbo Hopper Poster Small Watermarked

Specifications of the Turbo Hopper / Jet Hopper

Designed by: Unknown, but likely Shohei Suto (Japan), Steven Glatt & George Tauber (Australia) 
Manufactured by
: Taiyo RC
Made in: Japan, Singapore
Released by: Tyco R/C, Taiyo, Metro R/C and others
Release date: 1986 – 1992

For further details such as suspension, steering, batteries, model number and valuation / price, please see individual page for each model below.

Heads Up! Turbo Hopper Commercial

Do you remember this TV Commercial? As an Aussie, I don’t sadly, but I love listening to these 80s American commercials.

Here’s every Tyco Turbo Hopper we have on our site!

Model 2401 Tyco Turbo Hopper original in box

1986 Tyco Turbo Hopper MK1

The first version released in the USA/Canada, it was an instant smash hit, and began the Tyco R/C dominance for nearly a decade.

Full Article on the Turbo Hopper MK1

Model 8635 Taiyo Jet Hopper

1986 Taiyo Jet Hopper

The original Global/English release by Taiyo of Japan, it would set the standard for radio control cars for years to come.

Full Article on Taiyo Jet Hopper MK1

2401 27 Tyco Turbo Hopper MK2 Box

1987 Tyco Turbo Hopper MK2

Released later that year, the MK2 version improves top speed and other, tires, and other aspects, making it an even better R/C buggy.

Checkout the Tyco Turbo Hopper MK2

Model 8706 Dickie Jet Hopper MK2

1987 Taiyo Jet Hopper MK2

Taiyo Japan finally released its successor to the hugely popular MK2, with an increase to 27km/h top speed, new front tires, etc..

Read about the Tyco Jet Hopper MK2

RC Car Siluette with Question Mark

1988 Tyco Turbo Hopper MK3

Does it exist? We don’t know.
If you have photos of a Turbo Hopper with upgraded *front* and rear wheels, just like the Taiyo Jet Hopper MK3, then contact us please!

8767 Taiyo Jet Hopper MK3 in Box

1988 Taiyo Jet Hopper MK3

The final version of the original Jet Hopper perfected the tires, and added active steering making it far superior to earlier versions.

Read about the Jet Hopper MK3 here

2402 Tyco Aero Turbo Hopper Front of the box

1988 Tyco Aero Turbo Hopper

The first Aero released in America, aerodynamically styled, which was fashionable and futuristic at the time… ah the 80s, how quaint!

More about the Aero Turbo Hopper

8741 Taiyo Aero Jet Hopper Box

1987 Taiyo Aero Jet Hopper

First ever Aero version released, and sporting new upgraded front and ear tires several years before anywhere else.

Read our article about it here!

2629 27 Tyco 4WD 9.6v Super Turbo Hopper Box

1989 Tyco 4WD 9.6V Super Turbo Hopper

This massive upgrade was an entirely new 4WD twin motor RC car as a one-off mega release, packed full of features that even today it makes us go… “wow!”.

View the Super Turbo Hopper

8849 Taiyo Max Hopper 4WD Box

1988 Taiyo Max Hopper 4WD

A 1/12 scale behemoth with twin motors, metal parts, and just incredible features for a supposed toy-grade model.

Checkout the Max Hopper 4WD

Model 2600-27, Tyco Heads Up! Turbo Hopper in box

1990 Tyco Heads Up! Turbo Hopper

Finally the true successor to the Turbo Hopper, in a bigger, better package that improves on the original in every way.

View the Heads Up Turbo Hopper

8867 Taiyo JetHopper II Box Front
8867 Taiyo JetHopper II Box Front

1988 Taiyo Jet Hopper 2

The Jet Hopper 2 was a complete revision of the original design, but done carefully to ensure the car still looked, felt, and drove like a Jet Hopper. Perfect.

View the Jet Hopper 2

Wild Thing Turbo Hopper

1990 Tyco Wild Thing Turbo Hopper!

Finally the true successor to the Turbo Hopper, in a bigger, better package that improves on the original in every way.

View the Heads Up Turbo Hopper

RC Car Siluette with Question Mark

1989 Taiyo Wild Thing Turbo Hopper

Do you have photos of the Taiyo Wild Thing Turbo Hopper? Please contact us so we can share them with the world! contact us please!

If you read this far, we have something extra to share…

Limited Tyco Dallas Cowboys Wild Thing Car Perspective with Instructions

1995 Tyco Dallas Cowboys Turbo Hopper

Five years after the last car was officially released, Tyco would make a short run of this Wild Thing Turbo Hopper styled to commemorate the Dallas Cowboys Superbowl win. Very rare, and seriously cool!

View the Dallas Cowboys Turbo Hopper!

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