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12th November 2023
If you’re looking for the perfect nostalgic gift from the 80s and 90s, a vintage Tyco Mini Hopper is my pick! They’re great collectors items and are still fairly affordable.


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Question & Answer Mailbag!

I receive emails from collectors around the world with various questions and information, and so I thought it may be interesting to post these for the benefit of others (with permission).

Restoring a child’s toy with sentimental value

Our Reply...

Would you be able to do one of these batteries for me ? I have a very sentimental RC car that belonged to my son that passed away when he was 7. I would love to get his RC car working again. I would gladly pay.

(In response to this video)

    Hello. I'm sorry for your loss. I'd not sell electronics I've personally modified (fire risk etc) however I'd be happy to help you source a brand new one that would also work. If you search Nk-2927 on Google there will be new ones, mostly Australian companies but I'm certain they'd ship to you if you asked, and if they don't then I will. If you need any help, contact me via ( Take Care.

    Update: Steve has purchased a battery/charger, and I will help ensure he gets his car running.  For reference for others out there, here's a replacement battery for any 6V Tyco, Nikko, RadioShack RC car.


    NK 2927 Replacement Battery for 6V Tyco Nikko Taiyo RadioShack RC Car

    A Tyco Recoil owned by Tyco RC’s Director of Marketing!

    Our Reply...

    Hey, hope all is going well.

    I just started getting to vintage Tyco RCs and I recently picked up a 1997 Tyco Recoil with a sticker on the bottom that says “Return to Mitch Rose, Mattel Mt Laurel, Tyco R/C Development.”

    The truck appears normal besides that sticker, just wanted to see if you have seen anything like this before. I could send you a picture for sure when I get a chance.

    Thank you,

    Tyler (USA)

      Hello Tyler,

      Thank you for your message!

      So I’ve only seen this once before, with a Mini Traxx Pickup that had a note stuck on the side, seeming to be a production sample or prototype.  Check it out here:

      Yours is from a few years later, after Tyco was purchased by Mattel. I’d love to see some photos once you’re able, and perhaps write a short article, or add it to the website so others can see, if you approve.

      I’d also recommend keeping hold of it, since most of the interest (and big money) is in the popular 9.6V Turbo cars right now, however that’s likely to change in the future once they become unobtainable, and people start to look for more unique and rare items such as yours.


      Tyco Collectors

      Update: Photos!

      He purchased from a Thrift store near Mattel / Tyco RC’s old HQ, and found evidence of who Mitch Rose was, Director of Marketing at Tyco R/C!

      Tyco Recoil with sticker advising Return to Mitch Rose at Mattel BottomTyco Recoil with sticker advising Return to Mitch Rose at Mattel PerspectiveArticle referencing Mitch Rose Director of Marketing at Tyco RC

      I’d like to buy…

      Our Reply...


      I’d like to buy a new Twin Turbo Lamborghini RC

      From Jim (USA)

        Hey Jim!

        Thanks for your message. We are not a store, just a database for collectors. I’d recommend checking eBay – will be rare to find a new one though. I have seen some on our Facebook Group, link to join that is on our channel. I’d assume a new one is going to be $350+ USD or more in this market.

        -Tyco Collectors

        Buying Tyco Python? Check the Water Container isn’t missing!

        Our Reply...

        Good evening,

        I have a Tyco Python from 1993, I would like to know if it is possible to get the part in which the water that the cobra shoots is deposited?

        Thanks, I’ll stay tuned.

        From Oscar (Colombia)

          Hey Oscar!

          Oh yes, the Tyco Python, one of my favorites. I’m still looking for a good one! It’s common for them to be missing the water container unfortunately, and there’s no place to buy them except by getting it from another used model.

          It seems like the perfect item for restoration/recreation by someone who can create 3D models for 3D printing, but so far I don’t believe anyone has put such a model online.

          Once I get my own python, I can make a replacement container which can be 3D printed anywhere in the world, however that is likely to be several months away.

          I’d recommend joining the Taiyo R/C Club Facebook group (link below), and once I make this model, you’ll learn about it there.

          Thank you, and take care.
          Taiyo R/C Club on Facebook

          -Tyco Collectors

          Tyco Python Water Container on bottom of the RC car

          Spare Parts for Metro Jet Hopper (Turbo Hopper)

          Our Reply...


          I have a lot of Metro, Tamiya and other bits you may be interested in.

          From AlBundy (Australia)

            Long story short, he wasn’t lying! These parts will fit Metro Jet Hopper, and Tyco Turbo Hopper, and I was lucky enough to purchase some.


            Metro RC Spare Parts

            Is a ‘pristine’ Tyco Hammer worth anything? YES!

            Our Reply...


            I have a Tyco 9.6V Turbo Hammer (yellow), never used due to not having the battery.

            The box is battered but the car is in pristine condition.

            Is it worth anything?

            From Chris (United Kingdom)

              Hello Chris,
              Yes, a 9.6v Turbo Hammer is definitely worth something!

              Recently a pristine 9.6V Tyco Hammer with perfect box sold for $1,500USD. That’s the highest we’ve ever seen, we were shocked. You won’t get that, but it’s nice to dream hey!

              More typical prices for a good condition hammer with battered or missing box is around $250USD but this is always changing (up and down, more often up). If you do an auction you may get a great price or you may get a poor price, it just depends who is bidding on the day. The market is pretty hot right now, so I suspect you’d get a good price, but it’s still a roll of the dice. Some examples below of Turbo Hammer sales. Feel free to contact me if you have any more questions or need more advice.
              At the time of writing, here were some recent sales of the Tyco Hammer (links may expire)
              Good with good box – $250USD
              Good condition without box – $25USD (Bad luck!)
              Poor condition – $85USD
              Tyco Collectors

              Guess the R/C Car

              Our Reply...


              I ended up on your site, and you seem like you know your stuff!

              I’ve been trying to remember the model of an RC car I had back in 1995, 1996, or 1997. I was six around that time so my memory isn’t great, and my description isn’t extremely helpful I’m sorry.

              It was kind of like a monster truck (but I think smaller), that could also lower and higher its height (to go under the bed for example)

              I’m pretty sure it was blue or dark blue. I also had the Tyco Rebound model at that time and remember it well, and I think the car I’m looking for was released the same year if that helps…

              Thanks for any info!

              From Phil (France)

                Hi Phil,
                Thanks for your message! I know Taiyo/Tyco brands well as I’ve begun collecting, but not many others sorry 🙂 The closest one I can think of that fits your description is the Tyco Mutator which came both in blue and purple. Link below.


                Take care,
                -Tyco Collectors
                Update: It wasn’t the Mutator, however after further discussion I ended up helping Phil locate and purchase a beautiful Taiyo Rebound from Japan. Nice!!
                Phils Taiyo Rebound