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Tyco Taiyo Collectors is a resource for enthusiasts of 80s, 90s, and 00s toys produced by Tyco®, Taiyo (Japan), Metro RC, Dickie Toys, and others, and is not affiliated with any toy company.

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Taiyo & Tyco Toy Collections Around the World

It’s time to show off your Taiyo or Tyco Toy Collection, whether it’s RC Cars, Dino-Riders, or HO Scale Slot Cars, or even Nikko, RadioShack, and other toy RC brands, we’re here for it! Big or small, show us your prized item, or your whole collection. My goal here is to celebrate our hobby, and show how it’s a truly global phenomenon, with collectors from the US, UK, Australia, India, Philippines, Italy, Germany, Japan, Mexico, and many other countries worldwide, I know you’re out there!

Do you collect Tyco, Taiyo, Metro, Dickie, or similar toys?
Send your photo(s) and a link if you wish to admin (at) and I’ll publish ASAP.
We’d love to see your favorite Taiyo or Tyco RC car or other Tyco toy photo, maybe just one or two prized items, or your entire collection, here is the place to share it!

Curtis King’s
The Tyco Wall

Country: United States

Without a doubt the most impressive collection of Tyco radio control cars in the known universe AND the most impressive custom cars and mods I’ve ever seen.

Curtis ‘Tyco’ King is clearly very gifted, his works are a feast for the eyes, providing an absolutely brutal dose of both collectors envy and inspiration.

One of my favorite photos is his tribute to the mighty Tyco Turbo Hopper, with a Black and Red original Turbo Hopper, HO scale slot car , and a poster created by myself in the background. After working on the image so hard for several weeks, the ultimate payoff was to see it mounted in such a fitting place, it makes me smile even as I write this!

Check out his YouTube channel for more.

Click to Zoom Image!

While we’re at it, Curtis has a few spares too…

Nostalgia RC

Country: United Kingdom

One of the classiest displays I’ve seen, and something reasonably doable for the average joe like most of us, there’s definitely some inspiration that can be taken from Nostalgia’s display if you’re looking to set one up yourself.

He also has one of the largest collections of Taiyo RC (Japan) cars, some of which demonstrated in these photos which, to be honest, inspired me to start collecting myself!

Tyco Collectors Admin

Country: Australia

I don’t really have a collection, more of a stockpile!

Mostly Taiyo at first, but my Tyco are gradually outnumbering the others as I restore them to their former glory (see restoring Taiyo Super Fight, 3D Printing replacement parts)

Mak Bee

Country: United Kingdom

Over a dozen of the best Taiyo / Tyco had to offer, and all boxed including one of my Top 5 favorites the Tyco Hammer. He also owns a mint Taiyo Fast Traxx Eliminator in Black, one of my Top 5 all time favorite Taiyo cars, she’s a beauty!

Mark P.

Country: Australia

Surely a frontrunner in the collection of Australian Metro RC cars (the local Taiyo / Tyco brand here in the 80s/90s), Mark seems to be very lucky in finding them. His collection even includes the original Aussie Metro RC Hurricane, otherwise known as the Typhoon which blew my mind, as I owned one as a kid and as an adult the ‘Typhoon’ name never seemed right to me, until I realized I’d owned the Hurricane! His collection also includes the Metro Turbo Outlaw, Metro Mini Phantom, Metro Fast Traxx, Metro Wild Thing, and many more. I look forward to watching this collection grow.


Country: British Columbia

Check out this Tamiya Hornet dressed as a Tyco Turbo Hopper!

FastFreddyRC has managed to create this with help from NostalgiaRC’s stickers (check our article here), and yeah, it looks fantastic. See Freddy’s YouTube Channel here:

RCRetro Fun

Country: Netherlands

These photos speak for themselves, absolutely glorious. Personally, I love these kinds of shots, as I can show it to my wife and say “See! I’m not the only crazy person! There are other crazy people just like me out there!”. Wonderful Taiyo collection, very similar to my own.

You can check out more of RCRetro Fun’s Facebook for more.

P. Stacy

Country: United States

Showing off a brilliantly lit storage wall, and Baja Bandit in a box! Jealous.

L. Karrbumm

Country: Germany

Definitely lots of customization going on here! Some of these cars they’re definitely Dickie / Taiyo but I wasn’t aware they made a Porsche with a huge rear wing? I need to find myself one of those!

Click to Zoom Image!

S. van Horten

Okay, so this isn’t a competition, right? Tyco Collectors is happy to see the single car you own, or your collection if you have one. But if it was a competition?

It shall be forever known as…

Van Horten Collection Decal

Your Favorite Car or Collection Here!

Get your photo(s) here, whether it’s just one, or a whole collection, we’d all love to see and share! Send photos via with words you’d like to add, or even a link to your website, YouTube, Instagram, etc.