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Where to Buy Vintage RC Decals, T-Shirts, Gifts

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A well known figure in the Taiyo / Tyco RC community is NostalgiaRC, who produces Vintage RC Decals for Taiyo, Tyco, Tamiya (check out my Taiyo Super Fight F-1 restoration here). Well just in case you thought your wallet was safe, he’s now taken to creating some pretty darn cool T-Shirts, Mugs, Mousepads and other stuff which make excellent presents for vintage RC fans, and especially those who enjoy 80s and 90s toys.

I’ve ordered myself what I call the Quad Bandit T-Shirt as I reckon it looks awesome, and I’ll post here with a photo once it arrives (*it just arrived! see below!). If you’ve purchased these and have photos to share, or stuff from other places you enjoyed (which is on theme) please let us know in the comments or start a thread in the forum!

T-Shirts and other cool stuff by NostalgiaRC

Designs from – Click to Visit.

NostalgiaRC RedBubble Designs
Some of my favorites, I will be sending hints to my wife and kids for Christmas this year!

Designs from – Click to Visit

NostalgiaRC TeePublic
More favorites from another site, TeePublic which has a slightly different offering.

UPDATE: 24th August 2023 – My Quad Bandit T-Shirt arrived in about 7 days to Australia. I like it! Quality is decent, print is well done. I got the regular cheapo one tee, there’s a premium tee available for extra but I’m too cheap for that. Landed it was about $38AU / $24 USD to Australia which is not cheap, not expensive, about as expected. Was cheaper than the Adam Savage and Space-X T-Shirts I got though, so that’s good. I’ll be buying more of these for sure, T-Shirts, but also a TYCO coffee mug, and it’s perfect for Christmas, I know exactly what to tell my wife, get me this stuff! Maybe some Fast Traxx cushions for the sofa? ooooh hehehe

Stickers and Decals for Restoring Taiyo, Tyco, and Tamiya RC Cars

Even new or barely unused items can show signs of fading and wear in their stickers just through sun exposure (much of this stuff is 30-40 years old!) and so apart from giving your item a good clean, replacing all or repairing some stickers is the next most impactful step to getting it back to mint condition.

I tried some decals produced by NostalgiaRC as you can see in Taiyo Super Fight F1 restoration project – actually I’d designed this Super Fight F1 set myself but upon sending them for print I found I’d made a few mistakes and missed some graphics. Thankfully NostalgiaRC did a cleanup and replaced the missing pieces, and got them printed and sent to my address in Australia for less than I could have done locally.

I think you’ll agree, it turned out really well, especially after I used the RetroBrite process on the white plastic. The vinyl quality is good, it just looks right and although you have to cut the stickers out, the overall effort was minimal and a very satisfying couple hours work.

Before and After photo of Taiyo RC Super Fight F1 RC car restoration using Nostalgia RC's decals.
Before and after photo of Taiyo RC Super Fight F1 RC car restoration using Nostalgia RC’s decals and RetroBrite process.

Where to get them?

Contact NostalgiaRC via: nostalgiarc1 (@) or Nostalgia RC on Facebook
Note: TycoCollectors does not sell or profit from any merchandise or decals, this page is for information only.

Decal samples below

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