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Four RC Cars in a Display Case

RC Car Display with Clear Shoe Boxes

As you may have seen from our Taiyo & Tyco Collectors around the World page, you can create a great looking RC car display for your best items using Transparent Shoe Boxes from Amazon / eBay.

But wait! Save yourself time and money by ensuring you get the right type and size!

1. Acrylic always looks best

Full Acrylic Positives:
– Super High Clarity
– Good scratch and fade resistance
– Cleans and sparkles easily

Full Acrylic Negatives:
– More Expensive (wait for a sale)
– Hard material which will crack not bend

Acrylic is a plastic with high clarity and transparency, making it perfect for the creation of safe and affordable display cases without the inherent risk of glass. As acrylic is also a very hard material, it’s more resistant to scratches and is easy to keep clean, with a simple microfiber cloth.

The downside of acrylic is that it’s more expensive than other plastics such as polypropylene (PP), and also much harder. This means it will resist bending or deformation, but ultimately with enough force it will crack into pieces, not simply bend.

Tip: If the product description doesn’t say acrylic, then assume it’s another plastic which is far more opaque (poor transparency), even if the photos look super transparent.

Acrylic Front Only / Partial Acrylic with Polypropylene

Most display cases will use acrylic on the front panel only, so the ‘most important’ face is beautifully clear, and all other sides are more cloudy as they’re made with polypropylene (PP). While this can reduce costs, it also reduces the overall beauty of the display.

While they are more expensive, it is possible to pickup a full acrylic set for a similar price to regular PP versions during major sale events on Amazon and eBay.

2. Get the Right Dimensions

If you plan on displaying Tyco, Taiyo, Nikko, or similar RC cars from the 80s, 90s and 00s then this is the size you need.

Fits Most Cars
14″ x 10.6″ x 8.6″ (L x W x H)
or 36cm x 27cm x 22cm

E.g. Tyco Bandit, Tyco Turbo Hopper, Tyco Eliminator, Tyco Wild Thing, Taiyo Super Fight F1, Taiyo Aero Jet Fighter, Taiyo Racing Pickup 4WD, Tyco Scorcher, Tyco Python, Tyco Hi-Jacker, etc. Will just barely fit Tyco Twin Turbo Lamborghini when rear lifted.

Will NOT fit: Tyco Hammer or Tyco Turbo Outlaw which are very tall, potentially other unusually sized RCs.

While the Twin Turbo Lamborghini fits on an angle (possibly Ferrari 348 Twin Turbo, sadly I don’t have one to test!), a better size for this chassis would be 39cm / 15″ on the longest side. These are available, but you’ll need to look harder to find them.

3. My Recommended Model RC Display Cases for 90% of Tyco / Taiyo models

The display case I purchased here in Australia (photos below) also seems to be sold in the US and UK, with virtually identical dimensions (hand measurement variance) and overall looks. I’ve done my best to find them and link below, but please double check and purchase at your own risk as listings can change at any time.

Note: Won’t fit Tyco Hammer, Turbo Outlaw, and other unusual sizes, but will fit most others (see Dimension notes above).

United States

  1. Example 1 (eBay US)
    10pk 14.7″ x 10.63″ x 7.87″ Full Acrylic
  2. Example 2 (Amazon US)
    12pk 15″ x 10.3″ x 7.9″ Full Acrylic that’s longer to fit the Lamborghini better
  3. Example 3 (Amazon US)
    12pk 15″ x 10.3″ x 7.9″ Full Acrylic as above, will fit longer cars well
  4. Look for more with Amazon keyword or this eBay Keyword Search.

United Kingdom

  1. Example 1 (Amazon UK)
    14.37″x10.63″x7.87″ Full Acrylic
  2. Example 2 (Amazon UK)
    14.37″x10.63″x7.87″ Full Acrylic
    36.4 x 27 x 20cm
  3. Example 3 (eBay UK)
    36cm x 28cm x 22cm Full Acrylic
  4. Keyword search on Amazon


  1. Amazon Australia
    12pk full acrylic set I use myself
    36cm x 27cm x 22
  2. Kmart Australia
    Partial acrylic set (front only) I also use.
  3. Search yourself with this Amazon keyword or eBay keyword search

Tip: Buy in bulk. Display cases are expensive when bought individually or in smaller packs, with some costing $20-30 each, whereas buying a 10pk or 12pk can reduce that cost to $10 each.

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