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Unboxing: Taiyo Delorean, Super Fight F1, and RoboCop Action Figure

Video Summary

In a recent package from Japan, I delve into a treasure trove of retro toys, including a Taiyo Delorean / Back to the Future RC DeLorean, a 1987 Taiyo Super Fight F1, and an early 90s Robocop action figure. Join me as I checkout these collectibles, reminisce about the past, and see what I can do to fix them!

The first item is a 2001 Taiyo Radican remote-controlled car modelled after the Back to the Future DeLorean. These cars have become major collectibles, particularly unopened versions. One of the intriguing features of mini-can-cars is their removable motor section, allowing enthusiasts to upgrade the motor for better performance by simply unscrewing two screws and swapping the motor. You can also swap out the wheels and tires, and even the body and springs.

Unfortunately, like many old toys which were left with their batteries installed, they have suffered from battery acid leaks, compromising their functionality, so when buying you have to be careful to check all the photos, especially of the battery compartment.

After testing the DeLorean, I was pleasantly surprised by its speed and manouverability, for such a low power car from the early 00s, it’s actually pretty cool!

Next up, we have these early 90s Robocop action figures, featuring various weapons, a backpack, and voice effects! Despite some visible yellowing on one of the figures, we were shocked to find that the original 28-year-old button batteries were still working. Like seriously! At least on one of them. The other required replacing, and I did have some issues with the battery compartment size and contacts, but with some tinkering I was able to revive both Robocops… and he’s glorious, with quotes from the movie like “your move, creep!”

Moving on, the 1987 radio controlled Taiyo Super Fight F-1 car. This car was in need of repairs, unfortunately it had suffered from battery corrosion, with most of the terminals covered in rust and acid, doh!

The chassis, also found in the Taiyo Lamborghini, is one of the best Taiyo/Tyco ever produced. However, upon attempting to test the Super Fight F-1, we discovered some issues with the electronics, indicating potential damage to the circuit board. (Edit: in a later video I successfully repair it!)

In my upcoming videos, I plan to open up and repair the 1987 Taiyo Super Fight F-1 car and explore more of these fascinating retro toys I’m getting shipped to my home in Australia, directly from Japan. So if you’re interested in seeing more of Robocop or want to follow our repair journey, be sure to stick around for future content.

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