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Yellow Tire Jet Racer 4WD

Taiyo Limited Edition Colored Tire Competition Cars

In 1988, Taiyo released a number of Limited Edition models which are extremely rare today.

They were released as part of a promotion to do with the 1988 Tokyo International Toy Show held June 16-18 by the Japan International Toy Fair Association in Harumi, Japan.

There are 6 model variants, of different unique colors and frequencies.

It is not known exactly how many were produced, however it’s expected that numbers were highly limited as there was no special marketing or packaging for these cars, except for a yellow competition sticker slapped on the box.

Inside however, things are different…

Identifying these models

They all have a yellow sticker on the front of the box identifying it as a Limited Edition model.

The translated text from this sticker reads:

1988 Tokyo Toy Show Harumi
Limited Edition 6 Color 6 Band Set.

Jet Racer 4WD
#4. Band 27.145MHz
Yellow Body

So far we’ve only seen 4 of the 6 models:

#1 – 1987 Taiyo Racing Pickup 4WD
‘Red’ body
Owned by C. Summy

#2 – Unknown

#3 – 1987 Taiyo Racing Pickup 4WD (see below)
Red/White/Blue Body
Light Orange Tires
Owned by

#4 – 1987 Taiyo Jet Racer 4WD (see below)
Rare Yellow Body
Yellow Tires
Owned by

#5 – Unknown
#6 – Unknown

And this Green Tire / Frequency Racing Pickup 4WD of unknown designation must be 2, 5 or 6.

Why are they ‘Competition’ cars?

With 6 versions (colors) and 6 unique frequency bands, it suggests these were manufactured specifically for a competition where up to 6 cars were raced together at the same time.

Were live races held at Harumi by Taiyo? Did the winners receive these special edition cars?

It is not known. My personal suspicion is that a moderate amount (<100 each model) were given away as prizes during an extended event. I can definitely confirm that competitions where contestants raced 4-6 cars at the same time were happening and technical considerations must have been made for this. For evidence, we can point to The Early Bird Show in Australia which had 4 contestants race against eachother around a small studio track.

It’s possible they were sold only at the show, but I suspect competitions, prizes or give-aways would be more likely for these extremely rare cars.

What’s next?

We are continuing to search for the remaining 4 vehicles.

Do you know more? Please contact us, or email directly via

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