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Tyco Taiyo Collectors is a resource for enthusiasts of 80s, 90s, and 00s toys produced by Tyco®, Taiyo (Japan), Metro RC, Dickie Toys, and others, and is not affiliated with any toy company.

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1997 Tyco Tantrum / Turbo Twister

tyco logo very small19972870-27,2870-496vJetTurbo Vsml km/h

value75 150
2.8 out of 5
A remote controlled train-wreck on wheels.
out of 5
Review CommentA remote controlled train-wreck on wheels.

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ScaleDiff.Made inMotor


The Tyco Tantrum is a radio controlled toy released onto the American market and other markets across the globe in 1997.

Who is to blame for this?

The concept for the Tantrum was created by an independent designer by the name of Jonathan A. Jaffe of Voorhees, New Jersey who had worked for Tyco previously on several popular models including:

In the case of the Tantrum it was solely his fault, I mean it was entirely his design, it was’nt shared with other inventors, or maybe the others just did’nt want their names on the patent.

So Jonathan approached Tyco with the concept, who promptly did what Tyco always would do in the 80s/90s – farmed off the design and manufacture to Taiyo RC in Japan.

We can only imagine the faces of the Japanese team when they opened their mailbox and pulled out the design brief for this demented gimmick.

Can you imagine how EPIC that collective Japanese ‘WTF!?’ would have been? I can hear it now…

Features and Performance

Initially released in Japan as the Taiyo Spin Tornado, the idea was to have the whole front axle connected to a motor like a propeller which would spin around so long as you held down the button on the remote.

This would have the ingenious effect of doing absolutely nothing except making you immediately lose control. The marketing department called this “Cyclone Steering”. Brilliant!

So long as you consider a toy repeatedly smashing itself into the ground in a vain attempt to end the pain, while making horrible rattling crackling plasticy-breaky noises a “stunt” then I guess it all makes sense.

I’d love to hear from anyone who actually had one. Was it a total mess, or was it fun to drive? Just checkout this YouTube video of it in action, and it seems like total chaos.

Still – there are SO MANY of these for sale right now, 25 years later, that they must have sold buckets of these things back in 1997-98. Why??

Advertising. That’s why. Tyco was exceptional at it.


There must be some people out there with a certain nostalgia for the Tantrum – or maybe just the bitter taste of disappointment burned into their memory from Christmas morning- if you are one of those people, we’d love to hear from you!

Leave a comment below, and tell us why you love the Tantrum, or what good/bad memories you have of this absurdity.

And if you wish to buy one – well, that won’t be a problem. There’s dozens of the things.

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    03 Sep 2023$48.99UsedBuyTyco r/c tantrum jet turbo w. Remote control battery and charger tested read
    18 Aug 2023$170.33UsedBuyVintage tyco rc bundle scorcher python / tantrum all working batteries chargers
    15 Aug 2023$99UsedBuyVintage taiyo tyco rc tantrum 6.0 jet turbo remote control vehicle mint!!
    11 Aug 2023$12.99UsedBuyVintage taiyo tyco rc tantrum 6.0 jet turbo remote control vehicle as is parts
    10 Aug 2023$39.99UsedBuyVintage tyco tantrum rc car 6.0v w/ controller & charger black body
    04 Aug 2023$59.95UsedBuyVtg. 1997 tyco rc turbo tantrum 6.0v jet turbo car red variant w/ box no mattel!
    26 Jul 2023$5UsedBuyTyco turbo tantrum rc car - car & oem battery only (27 mhz) - untested as is
    18 Jul 2023$81UsedBuyMattel/tyco r/c tantrum radio control 6.0v jet turbo car
    18 Jul 2023$32UsedAuctionVintage tyco rc tantrum 1997 remote control car 27 mhz 6.0v black
    16 Jul 2023$29.99UsedBuyVintage tyco rc 49 mhz tantrum 6v jet turbo stunt car needs battery all papers
    Prices in USD. NIB = New In box, MIB = Mint in Box, EC = Excellent Condition, VGC = Very Good Condition, GC+ = Good condition plus, GC = Good condition, PC = Poor Condition. With Controller = Car with controller. With Box = Box, Car, and Controller. We make all efforts to ensure data is accurate, but cannot guarantee it is.


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