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12th November 2023
If you’re looking for the perfect nostalgic gift from the 80s and 90s, a vintage Tyco Mini Hopper is my pick! They’re great collectors items and are still fairly affordable.


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1985 Tyco Transformers Electric Racing

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19856211NA VSml

4.6 out of 5
Wow! What a fantastic collaboration between Tyco and Hasbro on this timeless franchise, I don't care how it plays, I just want it!
out of 5
Review CommentWow! What a fantastic collaboration between Tyco and Hasbro on this timeless franchise, I don't care how it plays, I just want it!


The Tyco Transformers Electric Racing Set is a slot car track set manufactured by Tyco Industries under license from Hasbro, and released into the US, UK, and other countries worldwide in 1985.

Wow, what an 80’s double hit! The years between 1985 – 1992 have always been my favorite for both movies, and toys, and this proves once again that it truly was the Golden Era of Tyco!

History and Context

Beginning in 1984, the Transformers toys by Hasbro were a worldwide phenomenon. Excellent action figures in their own right, they were combined with the power of TV advertising and a 98 episode cartoon TV show that ran from 1984 – 1987 (followed by several others), it became a text book example of how to sell toys, one that Tyco themselves would follow with their own Dino Riders toy and cartoon combination.

In an unusual series of events, Tyco would join forces with major competitor Hasbro to create the Transformers Electric Racing Set, no doubt both willing to put down their boxing gloves and embrace the sure-fire mountain of cash that would come their way with such a deal.


As you might expect of any Transformers slot car set, it comes with two slot cars whose bodies can be ‘transformed’ into some fairly awkward looking robots… but transform they do!

The transformation must be done by hand, given the micro size of the cars it wasn’t possible in 1985 to fit in any micro-electronics or tiny springs that would enable them to pop up automatically, but essentially what you have is a couple of Tyco 440 slot cars with mini Transformer toys built into the body. Still pretty cool!

Sadly I’ve not yet got my hands on one of these so I can’t confirm whether it’s a Magnum 440 set, or something unique but I suspect it’s all fairly stock standard for 1985 Tyco slot cars.


Included in the set are one Autobot Mustang and one Decepticon Mustang, named Natron and Freezon. The cars were available to buy individually and were compatible with Tyco’s other slot car sets from the era.

Track and Layout

The transformers slot car track is as simple as it gets; 12 foot long, with no additional props or features other than some included nite-glow tape and guard rails. This is a tiny bit disappointing given the material they had to work with, though I imagine Hasbro made the license so expensive that Tyco had little choice but to keep the set sparse in order to meet a reasonable price point.

This was a set for customers that watched cartoons and ate Jello for breakfast (me), and maybe even some kids too (hah!) so they needed it to be inexpensive, with relatively low margin, and the goal of making their money back on volume and the sale of other Tyco slot cars and accessories.


It’s Transformers, a 1985 Tyco slot car set, and it’s awesome! What’s not to like? Well, it’s not cheap. For a typical used set that’s missing a few pieces and has little Jimmy’s texta marks all over the box, you’re looking at ~$100-150 bucks. 

For a new/unopened box we’re talking $350+. Ouch!

But well, it doesn’t get more “Vintage 80s Toy” that this folks, it’s a double whammy, so you’d better start saving that pocket money 😉


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    04 Oct 2023$9.99UsedAuction2 tyco electric racing power pack transformers model 610c slot car 25.5 4.9 va
    05 Aug 2023$200UsedAuctionVintage tyco transformers electric racing set
    24 Jul 2023$195.49UsedBuy1985 tyco transformers electric racing set 99% complete missing 2 flags
    09 Apr 2023$117.5Brand NewAuction+++++ rare tyco transformers electric racing set new 1985 +++++
    30 Mar 2023$132.95UsedAuctionTransformers g1 - tyco electric racing set - slot car 1985 boxed
    26 Mar 2023$101.42UsedAuctionVintage tyco transformers electric racing set scalextric 1985 original uk g1
    14 Mar 2023$140UsedAuction1985 vintage tyco transformers generation 1 g1 electric racing car set ho scale.
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