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Feburary Buy Sell Price for Tyco RC and Taiyo

February 2023 – Sell Prices of Tyco RC and Taiyo RC

Feb 2023 – Buy/Sell Prices of Tyco RC and Taiyo RC

Looking to buy or sell a Tyco RC or Taiyo? Here we have February 2023’s buy/sell prices for all popular models from an online marketplace, very interesting data. Comments below please!


$PRICE – is in USD.
BOLT – Best Offer Less Than $X
NIB – New In Box
EC – Excellent Condition
VGC – Very Good Condition

GC – Good Condition
PC – Poor Condition.
“With controller” – Car and Controller.
“Car Only” – Just the car, nothing else.”
“In Box” – Car in box with controller.

Taiyo Aero Jet FighterVGC in box$254.99
Taiyo Fast Traxx EliminatorNIB$350
Taiyo Mini Hopper OriginalNIB$116
Taiyo TyphoonVGC in box$127.50
Taiyo Typhoon 9.6vNIB$228
Tyco 2x California Surfin PickupVGC in box$125
Tyco 4WD Super Turbo HopperVGC with controller$164.99
Tyco Aero Turbo HopperGC car only$90BOLT
Tyco Baja BanditPC with controller$122.50
Tyco Baja BanditVGC with controller$325
Tyco BanditParts only in pieces$160
Tyco BanditVGC with controller$129.99
Tyco Bandit RedVGC in box$240.50
Tyco Batman Begins 1:6 TumblerNIB$250BOLT
Tyco Chevy PickupNIB$125
Tyco Days of Thunder Mello YelloVGCin box$89BOLT
Tyco EliminatorGC car only weird rear tires$250BOLT
Tyco Fast TraxxGC with controller$190BOLT
Tyco Fast TraxxGC car only$102
Tyco Fast TraxxGC with controller$175BOLT
Tyco Fast TraxxVGC in box$299BOLT
Tyco Fast TraxxVGC with controller$211
Tyco Fast TraxxVGC with controller$115.00
Tyco Fast Traxx ( x 2)PC with controllers$100.00
Tyco Fast Traxx PickupVGC in box$280
Tyco Fast Traxx PickupVGC with controller$199
Tyco Fast Traxx RedEC with controller$185
Tyco Fast Traxx YellowVGC in box$122
Tyco FirePowerNIB with box damage$65
Tyco Hammer 9.6VGC car only weird rear tires$299BOLT
Tyco Hammer 9.6VGC car only$250BOLT
Tyco Hammer 9.6VGC Car Only$75BOLT
Tyco Hammer 9.6VVGC car only$187.50
Tyco Hammer 9.6VEC car only$255
Tyco Harley Davidson BanditGC Car Only$150
Tyco Heads Up HopperVGC car only$130.00
Tyco Heads Up Turbo HopperVGC car only$145
Tyco Heads Up Turbo HopperVGC with controller$177.50
Tyco Hi-Jacker 2in1VGC in box$149.99BOLT
Tyco Hi-Jacker 2in1Jacker 2in1$149.95
Tyco Indy TurboNIB$125
Tyco Lamborghini Twin Turbo Black 9.6vVGC car only$330BOLT
Tyco Maxx TraxxVGC car only$200BOLT
Tyco Mini HopperNIB$82
Tyco Monster TraxxNIB$250
Tyco PennzoilVGC in box$75BOLT
Tyco Pistol Grip ControllerVGC$50
Tyco Porsche 959VGC in box$124.99
Tyco PythonGC in box with serious damage$61
Tyco Samurai Motorbike 6VVGC in box$30BOLT. Thirty Bucks What!!
Tyco Scorcher 6×6 In Box + Loose DevastatorVGC$212Bargain but shipping was expensive
Tyco Scorcher 9.6vVGC car only$128.00
Tyco Scorcher 9.6vGC with controller$80
Tyco Scorcher 9.6vVGC with controller$135.00
Tyco 4WD Super Turbo HopperGC Car Only$49.99
Tyco 4WD Super Turbo HopperVGC with controller$149.99BOLT
Tyco 4WD Super Turbo HopperVGC with controller$144.99
Tyco 4WD Super Turbo HopperVGC with controller$99.99
Tyco 4 Wheel Drive Super HopperGC car only BIN$40.00
Tyco 4 Wheel Drive Super HopperVGC with controller BIN$164.99
Tyco Super 4×4 JeepVGC in box$200
Tyco Target 6C DP Racer Indy CarNIB$79.99
Tyco Target ChampionshipNIB$79.99
Tyco Tiger TankVGC in box$237.30BOLT
Tyco Tiger TankNIB dirty$283.97BOLT
Tyco Turbo FighterVGC with controller$149.95
Tyco Turbo Hopper MK2GC in box$117.50
Tyco Turbo Outlaw 9.6vGC in box$150BOLT
Tyco Turbo Outlaw 9.6vVGC in box$350BOLT
Tyco TyphoonVGC with controller$72
Tyco Viper 1993 TV Show CarNIB$275BOLT
Tyco Wild Thing 9.6v BlackEC with controller$316
Tyco Wild Thing Turbo HopperVGC with controller$199BOLT
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