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eBay Price Report: 1992 Tyco Bandit Price

14th June 2022

As anyone who has tried to purchase a popular Tyco or Taiyo R/C model in the last 12-24 months knows, prices for these collectors items have increased substantially, with the Tyco Bandit Price being comically high in some instances. But what about actual SOLD prices, and what can we expect to pay for the most popular models in good condition?

What is the most popular model we should report on?

  1. Tyco Bandit
  2. Tyco Lamborghini LP500S
  3. Tyco Turbo Hopper / Taiyo Jet Hopper
  4. Tyco Fast Traxx / Taiyo Fast Traxx
  5. Heads-Up Turbo Hopper

After some deliberation, the Tyco Bandit was the obvious choice, with repeated sales of this model outselling anything else combined.

the price of ca6bdc6ea11

Tyco Bandit: eBay Price Analysis

There are two versions of the Bandit. The original ‘Baja’ Bandit, arguably the most aggresively styled with yellow (or red) stripes on a black body, and the second ‘Bandit’ with 90s style graphics.  We’ll be covering the 2nd version only, since the original ‘Baja’ version is getting so rare now, I’d be taking any price you can get on that one!

2603 27 Tyco Baja Bandit BlackRedStripes2
‘Baja’ Bandit
2603 27 Tyco Regular 1992 Bandit CarWithBox

eBay US Listings Research (prices excluding postage)

So what does this tell us?

There are 3 distinct price ranges for Bandits.

  1. Great with Box – $300+USD
  2. Good to Great without Box – $175USD
  3. Damaged/Needs work – $75USD

So there you have it.  Are you looking for a Bandit? Did you buy recently and get a better price than this? How would you grade yours? Let me know in the comments below!

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