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12th November 2023
If you’re looking for the perfect nostalgic gift from the 80s and 90s, a vintage Tyco Mini Hopper is my pick! They’re great collectors items and are still fairly affordable.


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2001 Tyco Jacknife Stunt Rig

tyco logo very small2001Unknown72vFlex Vsml km/h

value200 300
4 out of 5
While it's no 80s or 90s style Tyco, the Jacknife is a great R/C toy in its own way, and still highly popular today
out of 5
Review CommentWhile it's no 80s or 90s style Tyco, the Jacknife is a great R/C toy in its own way, and still highly popular today


ScaleDiff.Made inMotor
1/16NoneChinaDual Unknown


The Tyco Jacknife Stunt Rig is a radio control toy manufactured by Taiyo (Japan), and released in the US, UK, and other countries worldwide by Tyco in 2001.

Commonly misspelled as: Tyco Jackknife, Tyco Jack Knife

Not to be confused by the Tyco Jacknife released 5 years earlier which was a transforming on-road/off-road RC toy, this Jacknife is quite a different concept.

Features and Design

Comprised of two sections, the front is a radio controlled vehicle with four wheels and tank-style steering, with a loose connection to a trailer hitched to the rear allowing for some fairly catastrophic stunts.

And based on the sheer number of sales of this 20+year old R/C toy over the last few months – and their price – I think it’s fair to say there must be something special about the Jacknife!

Offering two modes of play, the Jacknife can be driven with the Stunt Rig / Trailer attached, allowing it to drift and slide everywhere . Any kid who has lined up some toys to be smashed through by their R/C car knows the attraction here already, or you can choose to drive just the truck unit by itself.

With its short wheelbase, and tank/catapillar style steering, I can see this being a fun toy without yet having a go. Checking out the full play video (below), it’s clear the Jacknife can spin independently of the trailer attachment… cool!!


Powered by a 7.2V NiMh battery, the Jacknife has plenty of power for a small, modern design R/C toy, and I’d doubt the trailer would add much weight – from what I’ve seen half the fun is the trailer jumping around and generally being loosey goosey while you drive all crazy. While most kids probably drove this indoors, I can definitely see the attraction of driving it on some loose gravel or dirt.

Unknown Tyco Mattel Jacknife Stunt Rig Box Open
Packaging for the 2001 Tyco Jacknife Stunt Rig looks pretty darn cool!


Should you get one? Well, while I believe there’s very little original ‘Tyco’ in this toy (it was made after the Mattel takeover), and the design is nothing like the Tyco / Taiyo toys we remember nostalgically, whomever designed this model knew how to make a fun toy.

If I could find a clean boxed Jacknife Stunt Rig, I’d have a very hard time of saying no, and given how many of these are for sale and being bought online for some pretty serious money, I’d say there are plenty of kids born in the 90s who enjoyed this 2001 Tyco Jacknife during some of the best parts of their young lives.


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    30 Oct 2022$149.99UsedBest offer accepted
    22 Nov 2022$159.99Brand NewBuy It Now
    08 Dec 2022$200.00Brand NewBuy It Now
    11 Dec 2022$250.00Brand Newor Best Offer
    29 Dec 2022$56.37Usedor Best Offer
    29 Dec 2022$350.00Brand NewBuy It Now
    12 Jan 2023$160.00Brand Newor Best Offer
    10 Feb 2023$29.99UsedBest offer acceptedVintage TYCO RC Jacknife Stunt Semi, NO Remote Untested
    15 Mar 2023$41.00UsedAuctionTyco rc Jacknife In Box Vintage
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