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Tyco Taiyo Collectors is a resource for enthusiasts of 80s, 90s, and 00s toys produced by Tyco®, Taiyo (Japan), Metro RC, Dickie Toys, and others, and is not affiliated with any toy company.

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1992 Tyco Hammer 9.6V Turbo

tyco logo very small199226149.6vTurboPack sml 18km/h

4.5 out of 5
Great power, high clearance, and off-road capabilities make this heaps of fun to drive, and a good looker on the shelf too.
out of 5
Review CommentGreat power, high clearance, and off-road capabilities make this heaps of fun to drive, and a good looker on the shelf too.

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ScaleDiff.Made inMotor
UnknownAll Shocks2-SpeedNeon Lime(27Mhz), Black(49Mhz)


The Tyco Hammer is a radio controlled car manufactured by Taiyo (Japan) and released by Tyco in the US, UK, and other markets worldwide in 1992.

Aggressively styled, with the power to match, the Tyco Hammer 9.6V Turbo in neon yellow was an excellent RC car released at a time with heavy competition from Nintendo and Sega for the attention spans of kids worldwide. It needed to be big, bold, and bright

The Golden Age of Toy R/C

Beginning in 1986 with the Tyco Turbo Hopper and continuing with several legendary models throughout 1987 and 1988, continuing into 1989 with the Lamborghini Countach Twin Turbo and 1990’s Tyco Baja Bandit and many more, all the way up to 1992, the Golden Age of Toy R/C  was about to end… but it would go out with a bang!

Released in the same year as the Tyco Hammer was the re-released 1992 Tyco Bandit 9.6V, the 1992 Tyco Fast Traxx Pickup 9.6V, the Tyco Eliminator (also sold as Super Bandit), the Turbo Blaster, the Hydroplane, and many more (checkout our full catalog), all 9.6v Turbo models, and all fantastic. And if you go back just a year prior, that’s when Fast Traxx all started (in the US/UK anyway), so it really was a period of intensely cool RC toys for kids like me.

This was easily Taiyo and Tyco’s best year of releases, and when they were truly No. 1 across the world for toy radio control in line with Taiyo’s branding since the late 80s “Taiyo No.1”.

Features and Performance

The Hammer itself has many excellent design attributes:

  • Very high ground clearance
  • Well sized (but not over-sized) off-road tires that allow it to maintain high torque and good grip
  • Well designed suspension with shock absorbers all around
  • Wheelie bar at the back
  • Nice big front bumper to limit damage during the inevitable smash

All these factors made the Hammer a great all-round RC car, and definitely a favorite amongst collectors, with good condition models hard to find.

Marketing Appeal

Like other Taiyo / Tyco RC models, the 9.6V Hammer had a guest star role in a Hollywood movie. Released in 1993 direct-to-video, the film centres around a 13 year old boy who uses various remote control planes, cars, helicopters, and other models to help rescue his trapped friend.


Clearly the Tyco Hammer is a winner, one of those few Tycos that just scream “own me!”. Unfortunately they’re not cheap, and the prices are only going up. If you like them, we’d recommend grabbing one soon before they start to become unobtainable.

Update 31/10/2022: History in the making today as the Tyco Hammer becomes the most expensive Taiyo/Tyco model ever sold at auction, many times the estimate shown here.  See the post.

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    Average Price


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    This average price is based on 41 sales we have recorded (max 10 shown).

    30 Aug 2023$19.99UsedAuctionVintage 1980’s tyco dino riders figure lot (5) - andor, hammer head, proto, etc
    22 Aug 2023$124.99UsedAuctionVintage tyco 9.6v turbo hammer black tested works great new battery included
    21 Aug 2023$183.84UsedBuyTyco rc turbo fugitive 9.6v rc rare vintage similar chassis like tyco hammer
    21 Aug 2023$184.78UsedBuyTyco rc turbo fugitive 9.6v rc rare vintage similar chassis like tyco hammer
    20 Aug 2023$177.5Brand NewAuction(fom my lose collection) vintage tyco hammer with battery and controller 27hmz!
    21 Jul 2023$122.5UsedAuctionVintage tyco taiyo hammer 9.6 volt rc 4x4 truck no remote no charger
    13 Jul 2023$189.99UsedBuyVintage tyco 9.6v green turbo hammer rc complete, tested works great
    09 Jul 2023$350UsedBuyVintage tyco 9.6v turbo hammer black tested works great brand new battery
    28 Jun 2023$207.5UsedAuctionVintage tyco 9.6v turbo hammer black rc. Complete, rtr, tested, works.
    02 Apr 2023$150UsedBuy It NowVintage tyco 9.6v turbo rc hammer truck untested parts or display only
    Prices in USD. NIB = New In box, MIB = Mint in Box, EC = Excellent Condition, VGC = Very Good Condition, GC+ = Good condition plus, GC = Good condition, PC = Poor Condition. With Controller = Car with controller. With Box = Box, Car, and Controller. We make all efforts to ensure data is accurate, but cannot guarantee it is.


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