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12th November 2023
If you’re looking for the perfect nostalgic gift from the 80s and 90s, a vintage Tyco Mini Hopper is my pick! They’re great collectors items and are still fairly affordable.


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1989 Tyco Dino-Riders Edmontonia with Axis

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199091391xC VSml

3.9 out of 5
Edmontonia is one of several motorized walking Dino-Rider 1/24 action figures, and while its not the most popular amongst the series, there will be collectors and nostalgic adults who have an affinity with this beast.
out of 5
Review CommentEdmontonia is one of several motorized walking Dino-Rider 1/24 action figures, and while its not the most popular amongst the series, there will be collectors and nostalgic adults who have an affinity with this beast.


The Dino-Riders Edmontonia is a 1/24th scale dinosaur themed action figure set manufactured by Tyco Industries that was marketed as having authentic ‘museum quality’ attributes (as of 1989 paleontology), released into the US, UK, and other markets worldwide in 1989.

See our many other articles on the Dino-Riders action figures for more.

Was 1980s dinosaur science inaccurate?

Covering almost a dozen Dino-Riders action figures so far, I’d not noticed any obviously “different” dinosaurs compared to what I’d expected to see, from my diverse diet of hollywood movies and books I read my kid about dinosaurs. That was until I saw Tyco’s Edmontonia – something just seemed odd.

Initially I thought, wow, maybe the science has matured since the late 80s when he was designed, but upon closer inspection, I think they knew exactly what he looked like in 1989, but simply could not model him accurately as he was just too darn deadly! The real dinosaur has very sharp pointy spikes, whereas the Tyco versions are blunt and round – an absolute necessity on a children’s toy.

And so no, I don’t believe they got the science wrong. They simply needed to make a deadly animal kid safe!

As described by Tyco

Authentic 1/24th scale Edmontonia is the Dino-Riders’ combat-ready sentry post! Heroic Axis repels Rulon attacks with flip-up armor. Battle action Bumpers create a defense no Rulon can penetrate. Features long-range laser cannons and a rear navigator’s seat.

– Tyco 1990 Catalog


Advertised features were as follows:

  • Spinning battle-action bumpers
  • Fully accessorized Edmontonia
  • Heroic Dino-Rider Axis and the Mighty Edmontonia
  • Flip-up protective armor
  • Spinning Battle Action Bumpers
  • Long-range laser cannons and a rear navigator’s seat
  • Ready for Battle!

As with many large 1/24 scale Dino-Riders figures, the Edmontonia had motorized walking, allowing it to slowly lumber into battle, pretty cool back in the 80s, and still cool in a quaint nostalgic way. It’s no Boston Dynamics Atlas, but it’s cool!

Unfortunately the ‘long-range laser cannons’ are non-functional, they don’t fire any spring-loaded toy projectiles, they’re just there for show. Note on the parts sheet they’re called “Double barrel gun”.

Attachments and Accessories

All items included in the set as follows:

  • Edmontonia dinosaur action figure
  • Axis action figure
  • Protective armor cockpit assembly
  • Cockpit front guns (2)
  • Spy-scope
  • Double barrel gun (aka. Laser Cannon)
  • AMP unit
  • Chest shield
  • Gun harness
  • Psyche blade
  • Cockpit front gun tips (2)
  • Cockpit Rear Gun Tips (3)
  • Armor gun tips (8)
  • Belly Straps (2)

Availability and Collectability

There are a wide range of Edmontonia parts available online, such as the Axis figures, battle armor, individual dinosaurs, etc. Few complete sets appear, but they are available and typically pop up around the $300-400 mark depending on condition.

As for whether or not Edmontonia is collectable, like all Dino-Riders it’s a popular collectors item, especially the larger motorized dinosaurs, and although Edmontonia might not be the most popular action figure in the series, it has its place, and will no doubt be popular to those who had one as a child, who are looking for a complete set, or who just have an affinity for this large battle armored beast.


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    24 Oct 2023$319.99UsedBuyTyco 1989 dino riders edmontonia w/accessories complete
    01 Oct 2023$89UsedBuyDino riders edmontonia tyco vintage 1989
    20 Sep 2023$611.02UsedAuction1989 vtg dino-riders edmontonia 100% complete + figure, accessories & box tyco
    27 Aug 2023$182.6UsedBuyTyco dino riders edmontonia with original box no inner packing
    19 Aug 2023$120UsedBuyDino riders 1989-edmontonia-tyco-rare - near complete nice
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