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12th November 2023
If you’re looking for the perfect nostalgic gift from the 80s and 90s, a vintage Tyco Mini Hopper is my pick! They’re great collectors items and are still fairly affordable.


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1988 Taiyo Racing Pick-Up 4WD (Global)

taiyo logo very small198888159.6VTurbo8xAA Vsml 25km/h
Ultra Rare

Ultra Rare
4.7 out of 5
Global version of what is, for many, the most rare and desirable model Taiyo ever made. If you can find one, and afford it, get it!
out of 5
Review CommentGlobal version of what is, for many, the most rare and desirable model Taiyo ever made. If you can find one, and afford it, get it!


ScaleDiff.Made inMotor
1/14FrontSingaporeTwin Mabuchi RE-280SA-2295
UnknownAll Shocks2-SpeedRed/White/Blue(27Mhz,49Mhz). Reportedly a version with Red bonnet, but photos of this are hard to come by.


The Taiyo Racing Pick-Up 4WD is a radio-controlled car manufactured by Taiyo (Japan), and introduced in Japan and other countries worldwide in 1987.

The TycoCollector’s #1 Favorite

On a personal level, as Administrator of, I can say that this (along with the Tyco version) is my #1 favorite toy R/C car of the 80s/90s. Why? It’s Taiyo doing their best to max out what’s possible with a toy-grade R/C without getting into hobby-grade prices. On many  levels, it was hobby-grade in that Taiyo was able to supply replacement parts for some time, and of course its performance is exceptional.

Tyco 1988 Catalog 4WD Turbo Racing Pickup and 4WD Super Turbo Hopper
Tyco 1988 Catalog 4WD Turbo Racing Pickup and 4WD Super Turbo Hopper

Key Features and Performance

  • Relatively large 1/14 scale
  • Manufactured in Japan
  • Equipped with 8xAA Batteries giving 9.6V (NiCd original) or 12V (modern Alkaline)
  • Maximum speed of 25km/h with very high torque
  • Dual Mabuchi 280 motors powering a 4WD drive-train
  • Front Differential, Rear Solid Axle, optimized for off-road
  • Blue shock absorbers with steel shafts all around
  • Spare tire mounted on the back
  • Roof-mounted air intake
  • Nissan King Cab hard body

This model is available in Red Top (27Mhz) and Blue Top (49Mhz) variations.

8815 Taiyo Global RacingPickup4WD WithBox2
Model 8815 Taiyo Racing Pickup 4WD (Global Edition)

Background and Evolution

The development of the Taiyo Racing Pick-Up is closely related to the highly popular and eventual successor, the 1990 Tyco Baja Bandit.

Originally, Taiyo Japan pitched the Taiyo Racing Pick-Up 4WD to Tyco Industries (USA) as a prospective flagship product, akin to the highly successful Tyco Turbo Hopper, which was based on the Jet Hopper. The Racing Pick-Up was inspired by real Nissan 4×4 King Cab racing pick-ups, such as the ones driven by the late American Sherman Balch, who won the prestigious Baja 1000 off-road race in 1987 in California’s Peninsula (Mexico).

Other renowned off-road racers like Roger Mears also drove red, white, and blue Nissan pick-ups bearing a striking resemblance to Taiyo’s truck, so it was a popular design at the time, and Taiyo wasn’t the only toy/hobby company to use it – with Tamiya’s Nissan King Cab Pickup being the most widely known.

Sherman Balch in 1984 Nissan Pickup
Sherman Balch in his 1984 Nissan Racing Pickup
Roger Mears OffRoad Racing Truck 1987 Craid Colorado 300 Class 7
Roger Mears in his Nissan Racing Pickup during the 1987 Craig Colorado 300. At this time offroad racing was huge, with Ford, Nissan, Chevy involved.

Tyco agreed to the collaboration, and after repackaging the car for English-speaking markets, Taiyo released the 1988 Taiyo Racing Pick-Up (Global) and 1988 Taiyo Racing Pickup (Japan), while Tyco launched the 1988 Tyco 4WD Turbo Racing Pick-Up in the USA, UK, and other English speaking markets.

Regrettably, the 4WD Racing Pick-Up did not fare well in the American market. Its lackluster sales could be attributed to the vehicle’s relatively high price point, owing to its advanced specifications, the use of a Japanese brand (Nissan) rather than a Chevy or GM pick-up, or simply an unfavorable market climate.

Consequently, Tyco went on to develop and produce a more simplified version catering to American tastes: the legendary 1990 Tyco Baja Bandit. This new model retained the Nissan Pick-Up hard body but featured an entirely new, simplified chassis.

Taiyo 4WD Racing Pickup Competition Green Tyres
Taiyo 4WD Racing Pickup Competition Green Tyres

This was a high-spec car, with dual motors, front differential, pistol grip controller, and of course the 9.6V Turbo battery pack, and of course that Red, White, and Blue Nissan 4×4 King Cab Pickup hard body.


Collectors largely agree that the Taiyo Racing Pick-Up 4WD – whether under the Taiyo or Tyco brand – is one of the finest radio-controlled cars ever produced. Its limited production run of just one year also makes it one of the rarest, while Limited Edition Championship variants are even more rare and valuable.


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    31 Aug 2023$378.13UsedAuctionTaiyo racing pick-up nissan turbo 2 engine 4wd
    31 Aug 2023$388.28UsedAuctionTaiyo racing pick-up nissan turbo 2 engine 4wd
    09 Jul 2023$377.49UsedAuctionTaiyo racing pick-up nissan turbo 2 engine 4wd
    06 Jul 2023$995UsedBest offer acceptedTaiyo tyco r/c racing pick-up 4wd turbo bandit nissan pickup truck holy grail
    29 Jan 2023$524.33UsedBest offer acceptedTaiyo nissan racing pick-up 4wd turbo 2 engine 25 km/h 1/14
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