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Tyco Taiyo Collectors is a resource for enthusiasts of 80s, 90s, and 00s toys produced by Tyco®, Taiyo (Japan), Metro RC, Dickie Toys, and others, and is not affiliated with any toy company.

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Tyco Stomper

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1987609272xAA Vsml

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4.5 out of 5
Many will have just as good memories playing with these simple toys as they do playing with their RC cars, and for this the Tyco Stomper earns its place as one of the most fun and memorable toys of our generation.
out of 5
Review CommentMany will have just as good memories playing with these simple toys as they do playing with their RC cars, and for this the Tyco Stomper earns its place as one of the most fun and memorable toys of our generation.

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The Tyco Stomper was a series of simple battery powered toy vehicles produced by Schaper Toys and later Tyco Toys in the 1980s that comprised of many different sizes and functions. With a focus hands-on imaginative play and with a wide variety of collectable models, they became highly popular with children of the 1980s and early 1990s, with many branded and unbranded clones being released by competitors, such as the popular LJN Rough Riders.

Many will have just as good memories playing with these simple toys as they do playing with their RC cars, and for this reason the Tyco Stomper earns its place as one of the most fun and memorable toys of our generation.

Wikipedia has an excellent article on the Schaper Stomper, charting the 1st Generation and 2nd Generation during the early-mid 1980s, however this article will focus on the 3rd generation from when Tyco Toys produced the series.

Types of Tyco Stomper

Initially aimed to capture the attention of younger children who were perhaps not ready for a full proportional radio controlled car, or simply as a toy that intoruced more opportunities for imaginative play, the Stomper came in many different models including:

  • Tyco Stomper Mini 4 Wheel Drive
  • Tyco Stomper R/C
  • Tyco Stomper Bully
  • Tyco Stomper Diving Devils
  • Tyco Stomper All Terrain Vehicle
  • Tyco Stomper Off-Road Hopper

Here they are in more detail, from AAA to C battery power.

Tyco Stomper Mini 4-Wheel Drive

A very small toy truck, it still managed to fit a battery inside to drive under its own power. It featured:

  • 1 x AAA battery with motor
  • 2 Speeds (forward and freewheeling)
  • Micro Size
  • Four Wheel Drive

Model: 60837 (1987), 60838 (1988)

Tyco Stomper All Terrain Vehicle

An ATV style vehicle with a driver, and lower power using 1 x AA battery it also featured:

  • Lower cost, less power
  • Steerable Front Wheels
  • Removeable Front/Rear Cargo Racks
  • Removeable/Poseable Rider
  • Super Traction Balloon Tires
  • 3 Speeds (Power, Speed, Freewheeling)

Model: 60827

Tyco Stomper Off Road Hopper

Increased power with 2 x AA batteries, based on an Off-Road Buggy with a Roll Cage, it featured:

  • Increased Power
  • Rider moves at head, shoulders, waist
  • Removeable roll bar
  • Three speeds for any terrain: Power gear, Speed gear, and Freewheeling
  • Super traction balloon tires

Model: 60927

On the dunes, through the mud, or across the fields, the Stomper Off-Road Hopper is ready for action! These Hoppers have three speeds: low for climbing, high for dast straightaways, or neutral for freewheeling fun. The super traction balloon tires can handle any surface with ease. Stomper means awesome power!

1987 Tyco Catalog marketing for Stomper Off-Road Hopper

Tyco Stomper Bully

Model: 61097
A much larger and more powerful vehicle, the Bully was an absolute beast!

  • Massive 4 x C battery power!
  • Five Speeds
  • Power Winch
  • Working Headlights
  • Super large Monster Truck tires
  • Front suspension

While I’ve love to pickup any of the Stompers New In Box, the Bully stands out as the biggest and perhaps the best. Checkout the specs on the back of the box!

Tyco Stomper R/C

Model: 61047
Marketed as a way for younger kids to ease into Radio Controlled cars, the Stomper R/C had a ‘dashboard’ with a steering wheel that made radio control less confusing.

“Stomper 4x4s with real radio control that kids 3 to 7 can really drive and steer. Comes with its own steering wheel transmitter – no wires – that you control.”

Tyco 1987 Catalog marketing for Stomper R/C

Tyco Stomper Diving Devils

With the popularity of the Stomper series, Tyco introduced an all-new lineup of water-based vehicles powered by 1 x AA battery.

Stomper Diving Devils take amphibious vehicles to new depths! These powerful Stomper fighting machines operate on land, on top of water, or underwater. Watch thesm dive and climb! Stomper means awesome power!

  • Operates on land, on water, and underwater
  • Super grip traction treads
  • Working propeller
  • Real working headlights
  • Removeable figure included
– Tyco Stomper Diving Devils packaging marketing

Tyco Stomper Water Demons

The more I see these toys, the more I want to buy one…. or ten. This is the hazard of maintaining a website choc-a-block of sweet 80s and 90s toys from my childhood!

On land or sea…nothing stops a Stomper Water Demon! These amphibious vehicles can travel across land or on top of the water. With super traction floration tires and real working headlights, Water Demons leave the competition high and dry. Stomper means awesome power!

  • Powerful 4-Wheel drive action on land and water
  • Two gears: Power and freewheeling
  • Super traction flotation tires
  • Real working headlights
  • Runs on 1 x AA Alkaline battery
– Tyco marketing materials

Check out the range of Stomper water-based vehicles from the 1987 catalog below. Pretty obviously attracting a similar market to Micro-Machines, but with battery power, working lights and motor/propeller, they are undeniably cool and unique… oh gosh I really want one now!

Availability and Collectability

The collectability of the Stomper range is undeniable – they were designed to be collectable, and over four decades later the market for these toys is stronger than ever. They resonate well with the more traditional toy collectors and have decent coverage online in forums and websites.

But can you actually buy one? Well, sort of. From my research, the bulk of Stompers available to buy are from the earlier Schaper range, however the Tyco versions do appear fairly often but competition seems fierce, with all of them selling out quickly, and some for quite considerable prices.

As such it appears the market for Stompers is already quite mature, and so if you wish to begin collecting these (admittedly fantastic) little vehicles, you’re either going to need sufficient cash reserves, be quick and lucky in your purchases, or do what the best Tyco collector I know does… leave the computer behind, and get driving around the country, checking out every Goodwill and similar store – they’re out there, and they’re priced well if you can find them!

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