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12th November 2023
If you’re looking for the perfect nostalgic gift from the 80s and 90s, a vintage Tyco Mini Hopper is my pick! They’re great collectors items and are still fairly affordable.


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1987 Taiyo 4X4 Monster Jeep

taiyo logo very small198787506xAA Vsml km/h

value75 150
3.3 out of 5
All the incredients of a great little 4x4, but a weak early 80s drivetrain takes some of the fun away.
out of 5
Review CommentAll the incredients of a great little 4x4, but a weak early 80s drivetrain takes some of the fun away.

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ScaleDiff.Made inMotor


The 4×4 Monster Jeep is a radio controlled truck manufactured by Taiyo of Japan, and released into European and other English/French speaking markets in 1987.

The design of this 1987 toy was heavily influenced by the many Taiyo 4×4 radio control ‘monster trucks’ that came before it, such as:

Features and Performance

For a car released around the same time as the Jet Hopper, the design of the Monster Jeep is surprisingly early-80s style, without any suspension, and a twin-drive rail for the 4×4 which crosses straight through the battery compartment.

Photo shown below is of Tyco’s 1987 4×4 Monster Jeep.

8750 Taiyo 4x4 monster jeep pic2
8750 Taiyo 4×4 Monster Jeep

2313 27 Tyco Monster 4x4 Jeep Car Battery Underneath
Battery compartment of the Tyco Monster 4×4 showing the twin drive shafts

With 6x6AA batteries (4.8v Ni-Cd, 6V Alkaline) and the traction of 4 Wheel Drive, we’d expect the Monster Jeep to have plenty of climbing and pushing ability for any kid looking to conquer their living room floor, however after watching Nostalgia RC’s video (below) it appears the Monster Jeep suffers from the same low-power motors and/or inefficient gearing of it’s 80s bretheren.

Watch the video below to see what we mean.

Whether it’s too small of a motor, or poorly designed gearing we’re not sure, but as many 80s/90s kid will confirm, the sound of the motor squealing and gears crunching reminds us of the disappointment with our own 4×4 toys that didn’t perform as expected, and for a 1987 we’d have expected more of Taiyo.


Nevertheless, if you’re into 80s ‘Monster Truck’ RC and are’nt too demanding in the conquests of your living room floor, the 4×4 Monster Jeep isn’t a bad option to satisfy that nostalgic craving.

Especially with so many available on eBay at the time of writing, one should be fairly easy to find.


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    18 Sep 2023$59.99UsedBuyVintage 1980s rc taiwan taiyo tyco 4x4 baja jeep monster truck champ untested
    28 Jan 2023$49.99UsedBuy It NowVintage 1980s rc taiwan taiyo tyco 4x4 baja jeep monster truck stp | red
    14 Jan 2023$14.99UsedAuctionVintage 1980s rc taiyo tyco 4x4 baja jeep monster truck
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