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12th November 2023
If you’re looking for the perfect nostalgic gift from the 80s and 90s, a vintage Tyco Mini Hopper is my pick! They’re great collectors items and are still fairly affordable.


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1987 Metro Turbo Outlaw

metro logo very small198724049.6VTurbo8xAA Vsml 22km/h

Ultra Rare
value200 300
4.3 out of 5
The Turbo Outlaw is an excellent RC car in every way, with these Metro (Australian) versions adding an element of extreme rarity to the mix.
out of 5
Review CommentThe Turbo Outlaw is an excellent RC car in every way, with these Metro (Australian) versions adding an element of extreme rarity to the mix.


ScaleDiff.Made inMotor
1/14NoneSingaporeMabuchi RE-280
UnknownAll Shocks2-Speed


The Metro Turbo Outlaw is a radio controlled Sprint Car, manufactured by Taiyo (Japan), and released into the Australian and New Zealand market by GTI Metro in 1987.

While many of the radio control models we’ve covered here are only generally based on real life vehicle concepts, the Turbo Outlaw is a realistic model of an actual racing vehicle, or class of vehicles, known as the Sprint Car.

Sprint Cars – the real deal

As a kid, my dad would take me to Nyora Raceway in country Victoria (Australia) to see the Sprint cars race around a red dirt track. In the pits I recall seeing a Sprint car up close, the violent bark from its straight-piped side exhaust, and those huge fat rear tires making it clear this thing was no regular vehicle.

If you’ve never seen Sprint Cars before, they’re custom built V8 dirt track race cars with a huge overhead wing, and a tubular frame chassis.

Perfectly engineered for their purpose, you’ll find them racing around oval tracks in tight groups at high speed, with the occasional spectacular crash, it’s a loud and fast sport and I have a deep respect for anyone who has the guts to do it.

It’s worth noting that many racing legends have found their calling as Sprint car drivers, such as famous Formula One, Indy 500, and Nascar drivers like Mario Andretti, Al Unser Jr, and Johnny Parsons.

Features and Performance

The Turbo Outlaw is of course the local Australian / New Zealand version of the Taiyo Outlaw Sprinter , also released as the Tyco Turbo Outlaw in the US and elsewhere.

Unlike later race cars released by Taiyo / Tyco, the Metro Turbo Outlaw means business.

  • Realistic Sprint Car Detail
    Including driver, twin detachable wings, chrome plated exhaust and mid-engine, plus rear protection
  • 8xAA Batteries providing 9.6V (NiCd/Rechargeable) or 12V (Alkaline)
  • Top speed of 22km/h fully assembled or higher without the wing
  • Front and Rear Shock Absorbers
  • Rear Tires: Super Wide Off-Road
  • Front Tires: Street Style (unique to Turbo Outlaw)
  • Comes with a standard Chrome Handle boxed controller

For further details and photos see the 1987 Tyco Turbo Outlaw, and 1987 Taiyo Outlaw Sprinter.

Collectability and Availability

The market in Australia for genuine Metro versions of these Taiyo radio controlled cars is tight. It’s a popular model that represents actual race cars used locally in Australia.

Getting your hands on one is the issue – there simply aren’t many of the Metro variants remaining of any model, and the Turbo Outlaw in particular seems rare. I’ve only seen one myself, and its photos are on this page! If you’re willing to forego the Metro sticker, the Taiyo and Tyco variants are identical and relatively easy to get your hands on, though postage from overseas can be costly.

Demolition Derby

Unrelated to the Metro Turbo Outlaw, but I can’t mention Nyora Raceway and Sprint Cars without mentioning my favorite event of the whole day… the Demolition Derby! In the unlikely event you’re not familiar with this, see below. Basically a bunch of blokes in smashed up cars compete by smashing each others cars apart, with the goal to be the last man standing (or last engine running to be exact). It’s epic, especially watching it as a kid.

See the clip below from a 2019 Demo Derby at Nyora Raceway.

Special Thanks to M. Pursell for the photos of his glorious Metro Turbo Outlaw featured in this article.


    Average Price


    Highest Price


    This average price is based on 8 sales we have recorded (max 10 shown).

    29 Sep 2023$73UsedBuyTyco turbo outlaw rc electric 1989 sprint car with papers
    16 Sep 2023$195Brand NewBuyVintage tyco rc turbo outlaw #7 brand new without box.
    17 Aug 2023$51.8UsedBuyTaiyo tyco turbo outlaw rc electric 1989 rare race car with remote a
    17 Aug 2023$73UsedAuctionNice !!! Tyco turbo outlaw rc electric 1989 sprint car with remote. Runs.
    12 Aug 2023$39.99UsedBuyVintage  tyco turbo outlaw rc car #7 no remote untested fast shipping
    08 Aug 2023$159.99UsedBuy1988 tyco rc turbo outlaw radio control car clean in original box taiyo
    05 Aug 2023$42UsedAuctionVintage tyco turbo outlaw 9 rc electric 1989 parts or repair
    03 Aug 2023$39.99UsedAuctionVintage  tyco turbo outlaw rc car #7 no remote, tested
    Prices in USD. NIB = New In box, MIB = Mint in Box, EC = Excellent Condition, VGC = Very Good Condition, GC+ = Good condition plus, GC = Good condition, PC = Poor Condition. With Controller = Car with controller. With Box = Box, Car, and Controller. We make all efforts to ensure data is accurate, but cannot guarantee it is.


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