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12th November 2023
If you’re looking for the perfect nostalgic gift from the 80s and 90s, a vintage Tyco Mini Hopper is my pick! They’re great collectors items and are still fairly affordable.


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1987 Taiyo Aero Super Jet 4WD

taiyo logo very small198787449.6VTurbo8xAA Vsml 23km/h

value75 150
4.3 out of 5
Ticks all the boxes with 9.6V, 4WD, Pistol Grip - don't let its weaker successor (Super Jet II) fool you, the original is best!
out of 5
Review CommentTicks all the boxes with 9.6V, 4WD, Pistol Grip - don't let its weaker successor (Super Jet II) fool you, the original is best!

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ScaleDiff.Made inMotor
PassiveAll Shocks2-SpeedRed(40Mhz)


The Taiyo Aero Super Jet is a 1:16 scale radio control car released onto the Japanese market in 1987.  It’s a 4WD off-road vehicle, with shocks all round, and off-road tires.

Intended as an Off-Road Basher, it’s suitable for mud, rocks, dirt, etc., with a higher speed, but less capable off-road than its 4WD predecessor.

8744 Taiyo Aero Super Jet 4WD Car
8744 Taiyo Aero Super Jet 4WD


Powered by 9.6V ‘Turbo’ 8xAA batteries, and with a 1:16 scale, it’s both faster and larger than it’s successor, the Taiyo Super Jet II, plus it has the addition of 4WD.

With a top speed of 23km/h, it matches the Jet Hopper MK1 , a 2WD vehicle released a year earlier.


The Super Jet series has a slightly naming history, with this original being known as both Super Jet 4WD, and Aero Super Jet 4WD depending on country and packaging, per photo below.

Super Jet 4WD same as Aero Super Jet 4WD
The Super Jet 4WD is the same as the Aero Super Jet 4WD

Adding to that, it’s successor released in the same year, the Taiyo Super Jet II looks nearly identical on the box, however it’s smaller at 1:18 scale (vs 1:16), slower with 7.2V (vs 9.6V), and only 2WD (vs 4WD).

Much of this isn’t immediately noticeable when looking at both cars.

The most obvious giveaway that you’re looking at an original Super Jet 4WD is the battery compartment which is sectioned off to allow the drive shaft of the 4WD to go through the centre. The successor Super Jet II has a regular open battery compartment.

Compare Super Jet II vs Super Jet 4WD battery compartment
Compare Super Jet II vs Super Jet 4WD battery compartment


The Aero Super Jet 4WD / Super Jet 4WD is a high quality, fairly quick, off-road four wheel drive radio control model which has everything you need to have fun in the dirt, grass, sand, or mud.

If you can manage to locate one, we’d highly recommend getting it, especially if you’ve been put off by the weaker ‘Super Jet II’ which does’nt do its namesake justice.


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    18 Oct 2023$229.99UsedBuyRare 1980's taiyo japan r/c jet racer 4wd 2 motor mib tyco super turbo hopper
    11 Sep 2023$18.21UsedAuctionVintage taiyo super jet ii radio controlled racing car
    17 Aug 2023$5.27UsedBuyOriginal super jet 4wd taiyo manual instruction booklet in english
    17 Aug 2023$5.39UsedBuyOriginal super jet 4wd taiyo manual instruction booklet in english
    16 Jul 2023$42.49UsedBuyVintage 80's taiyo japan 1/14 jet racer 4wd tyco super hopper 2 motor read!
    20 Jun 2023$97.07UsedBuyTaiyo r/c super jet 4wd 23km/h jap vers.
    07 Jun 2023$59.99UsedBuyTaiyo rc remote control super jet no remote untested 40mhz bosch 2 red monroe
    09 Mar 2023$63.41UsedAuctionTaiyo x 3 rc cars jet hopper, super jet, demon destroyer, untested, spare/repair
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