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12th November 2023
If you’re looking for the perfect nostalgic gift from the 80s and 90s, a vintage Tyco Mini Hopper is my pick! They’re great collectors items and are still fairly affordable.


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Tyco Fire Alert Electric Trucking

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19833214NA VSml

4.4 out of 5
One of the coolest sets of the 80s, US1 Fire Alert! is a classic, and a great set for serious modelers.
out of 5
Review CommentOne of the coolest sets of the 80s, US1 Fire Alert! is a classic, and a great set for serious modelers.


The 1983 Tyco Fire Alert Electric Trucking set was a US-1 combination slot car and play set, manufactured by Tyco Industries, and released into the US, UK, and other markets worldwide in 1983.


Part of the Tyco US1 Electric Trucking range, which was launched in the late 1970s, and provided a unique alternative to traditional slot car racing sets by focusing on driving heavy vehicles around various play set pieces along the road-styled track.

Fire Alert obviously had a firefighting theme, featuring fire trucks and accessories related to city fire brigades, including a fire station, fire trucks, an operating fire alarm, and other components that could be connected to create a realistic firefighting scenario. The fire trucks were designed to navigate the track, pick up and drop off accessories, and interact with various components like the fire station and alarm.

The complete set of (non-vehicle) play features in the Tyco Fire Alert set included:

  1. Fire station with automatic switch (when dump truck parks, Fire Engine leaves!)
  2. Gravel Hopper
  3. Log Yard
  4. Pipe Loader
  5. Materials to transport including logs, pipe, and gravel.
  6. Highway bollards and road signs
  7. Twin steering wheels allowing forward and backwards control of both vehicles


Fire Alert shipped with three Magnum 440 based vehicles:

  1. Fire Truck (Red) with lights, bell*, and working extendable ladder. It fits neatly inside the Fire Station, and will trigger, driving out as soon as the dump truck is parked.
  2. Dump Truck (Green) with chrome features and working tipper tray for receiving and dumping pipe, logs, and gravel.
  3. Freight Truck (Blue) with long yellow trailer for hauling the “gravel” balls

Oh, and when they say the Fire Truck has a bell – they don’t mean some teeny tiny electronic speaker that goes beep. Nope. It contains a bell.

The other vehicles in this Tyco Electric Trucking set are pretty sweet too!

The set seems fairly simple compared to a larger Electric Racing track set, though it’s so much more exciting because you’re getting these mini playsets and three types of vehicles, to live out your fire engine, dump truck, and hauling fantasies!

Just imagine being a kid in the 80s unboxing one of these sets for Christmas… before iPads, and mobile games, and all that stuff which stopped kids playing with their toys and using their imaginations… yes I sound like a grumpy old man (my god, am I?!) but this would have been an EPIC Christmas and/or birthday gift for so many!

Track Layout

As with all ‘Electric Trucking’ sets, this isn’t about complex racing track layouts and loop-the-loops, bends, and all that. The track is here to create space for hauling ass between stop-offs, loading up your goods (or dumping them) and tearing up the tarmac to your destination.

Collectability and Availability

The Tyco Fire Alert Electric Trucking set is clearly a high value collectable, with the average USD price now around $350 USD. Sheesh. So yes, serious collectors only sadly.

Just like Tyco RC cars, pricing is starting to get a little crazy, so if you’re looking to pick one up cheap you may have toi get lucky at an auction, or buy a few broken/missing sets to create one whole. Often minor cosmetic issues will drag a price down substancially, some of them often fixable.

So be wise, don’t get put off by bad photos, or a little dirt/dust here and there, look for the potential, and know that ultimately you can fix or replace most items.

Good luck!

Just the Fire Station itself is selling for $135 USD right now, which is as much as many complete Tyco slot car sets, making this easily one of the most popular and expensive track sets around!


    Average Price


    Highest Price


    This average price is based on 26 sales we have recorded (max 10 shown).

    04 Sep 2023$102.5UsedAuctionTyco us-1 fire alert electric trucking slot car set 1983
    03 Sep 2023$11.95Brand NewBuy6 clear grain of wheat light bulbs for tyco us-1 fire truck dump truck semi
    02 Sep 2023$44UsedAuctionVintage tyco fire engine truck us-1 electric trucking #3911 w/card rare slot car
    02 Sep 2023$45.44UsedAuctionTyco ho us-1 electric trucking fire station w/switch track&storage yard-complete
    02 Sep 2023$39.99UsedBuyTyco fire truck us-1 electric slot car mack ladder truck centeal city nice!
    01 Sep 2023$275UsedBuyTyco us-1 fire alert electric trucking slot car set complete works great
    27 Aug 2023$350Brand NewAuctionTyco us-1 fire alert electric trucking in box sealed never opened 1983
    14 Aug 2023$41UsedAuctionTyco us-1 electric trucking operating fire engine (no. 3911 – 1983-1985)
    12 Aug 2023$54.95UsedBuyTyco us-1 electric trucking fire engine slot car vintage firetruck untested
    12 Aug 2023$45.83UsedAuctionTyco us-1 electric trucking - fire engine, slot car. W/working bells & lights.
    Prices in USD. NIB = New In box, MIB = Mint in Box, EC = Excellent Condition, VGC = Very Good Condition, GC+ = Good condition plus, GC = Good condition, PC = Poor Condition. With Controller = Car with controller. With Box = Box, Car, and Controller. We make all efforts to ensure data is accurate, but cannot guarantee it is.


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