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Tyco Taiyo Collectors is a resource for enthusiasts of 80s, 90s, and 00s toys produced by Tyco®, Taiyo (Japan), Metro RC, Dickie Toys, and others, and is not affiliated with any toy company.

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The Mutator that started it all...

Hi everyone! I'm pleased to be part of this community! Also the happy owner of my own Mutator 🙂

Just wanted to share a little story of how influential this toy was on me when I was a kid.

In 1997, I was still living in Romania, and one night I went with my dad to watch Home Alone 3 on opening night. I remember we laughed our butts off when the bad guys just kept going through all traps and whatnot - but what really made the movie great for me was the red Mutator, which was a perfect plot device for the movie itself. I loved the big wheels, the spaceship-hot-rod look with the massive spoiler in the back, it was just so damn cool.

In Romania at the time however, such toys didn't really exist. The country was still relatively fresh out of 45 years of brutal communism, and inflation on everything was extremely high - even if there were Tyco RC toys (or other toys Western nations had open access to), they were immensely rare and expensive. Regardless, my parents did what they could with what they had, and I still had various different RC cars over the years... but none were the Mutator. And funny enough, my RC obsession just kept going over the years, inspired by this one car.

Fast-track to two months ago, when I decided to finally dig deeper and find the origin of this car, and identify it. After I learned what it was, I just had to have it. But my goodness, the prices on these! Only options for the longest time was either incomplete/rough shape Mutators for parts, or mint in box examples going for $500+ (CAD). It was on a rare occasion I was able to find a complete used one with a few nicks and scratches, but overall in good shape, and with a box! I jumped on it pretty quickly and I don't regret it one bit - I finally got one of my own, some 20+ years later.

In any case - I've got my Maxx and my TRX4 RCs to mess around with, and they're in a different class of their own, but I will say, the Mutator is still very special. The look and feel of the plastic, what it can do, the wild box art and the overall bizarre design, there just isn't anything like it around right now.

Any other Mutator owners here? Would love to hear your story!

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This is perfect. This is why I created Thank you for sharing your story TycoTav, it means a lot to me.

I have a special Mutator too. I'd always wanted one, but as you say, good ones are so expensive. Eventually I found one available in Japan, but postage to Australia was crazy. So I got it posted closer to Japan, to Thailand where we'd be visiting in 10 months time. It arrived there, but I had to wait so long to see it. Finally when I arrived in the country I went to pick it up, first thing I did haha. She's a beauty 🙂 I took it back in my luggage to Australia with heaps of protection. She's a beauty 🙂 It's not a Tyco version with that awesome box artwork (I love all the Tyco boxes with the artwork by Ken Smith), it's Taiyo Japanese version, but MINT in box, never taken out. It still smells like the factory! I've never played with it, I don't dare, but I love seeing it on my shelf, it makes me happy.

Here's a photo I've taken for you just now. Thanks again for your story, I appreciate it dude.

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Sorry to just reply now, 'tis the season with all the end of the year craziness! This is awesome and thanks for your story as well! I love hearing other people's stories and how they get the toys that they love, I find it really fascinating. Sounds like you went through quite a few hoops for yours, and honestly I agree, it was totally worth it.

So far I only have two Tycos in my lot; the Mutator and the Jeremy McGrath motorcycle I got for my birthday when I was a kid - man that thing was so quick! I hope to maybe get a Hammer someday, that thing is so damn cool.

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