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Tyco Taiyo Collectors is a resource for enthusiasts of 80s, 90s, and 00s toys produced by Tyco®, Taiyo (Japan), Metro RC, Dickie Toys, and others, and is not affiliated with any toy company.

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Tyco, Taiyo and Mattel

This is from The web site here! “Collaborating with and eventually purchasing a major share in Taiyo Toys of Japan, they’d begin to produce more dynamic, high performance models of toy-grade radio control that would begin to challenge hobby-grade models like Tamiya RC cars sold at local hobby shops, yet at a price suitable for local department stores and toy stores.”

So we know that Mattel, purchased TYCO in 1997, so my question is, does that mean that Mattel also now has or owns a major share in Taiyo?

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Good question! I wondered the same myself, and I don't know, but I suspect that they might have divested or simply lost their share when SEGA purchased Taiyo, and eventually bankrupted them. But who knows, entirely possible. I'd love to write a detailed history of Taiyo one day, once I've collected enough information about them.

I just wish Mattel would re-introduce the TYCO brand, and start selling reproductions of the classics... that would be wild man 🙂


"I just wish Mattel would re-introduce the TYCO brand, and start selling reproductions of the classics"

I'm with you on that, I have thought about contacting the head CEO with a letter or email and proposing such a thing! It could be done on say a limited run thing or even a pre-order type of thing. Or a run of say anniversary or collectors editions! Maybe even a crowd funding type of thing! Tyco made some of the best slot cars ever produced to the point that Marchon's slot cars copied or used some of Tycos parts! The only problem with the Tyco RC re-induction would be the original manufacturer of the RC ie Tayio, Nikko etc. But I do believe it is doable as there are reproductions of the HE-MAN action figures on the shelf's right now that appear to be made from the same tooling as their 80's counterparts! Maybe a signed letter from fans of a site such as this and others and or a petition would at least get some gears turning in some hi ups heads! I would even be willing to give Mattel some startup funds to get the ball rolling! But I think it would have to be a grass roots movment!

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This is a fantastic idea. My plan with this site is to grow the interest and community around Tyco / Tyco / etc models. It's barely a year old now, and I think within a few years we should hopefully have a fairly self-sustaining collectors community with enough interest to start things like kickstarters, and drive a message to the toy companies.  I believe interest will only grow and grow, peaking when our generation hits retirement age, so there's a while to go yet!

Yes I totally agree! It needs to be done! I teach Electrical Engineering and Technical study's at a local college, I show and teach a lot of these circuits!  Wondr if  Mattel would be willing to Release the Tyco branding?

I know this is an old thread, but this really caught my eye. Mattel could re-carve a pretty successful (albeit niche) market for either reproduction of existing designs (much like how Hasbro/Takara does reissues of their 80s G1 Transformers lines) or models that are a direct homage to the classics. I mean the prices and the interest in these things is phenomenal right now - and sure, it won't be kids buying these things, it'll be adults who grew up with them many years ago. There's definitely potential here!

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Agreed 100%!! We're adults now, we'd pay a decent amount for a reproduction Fast Traxx, Turbo Hopper, Bandit, like proper money.

They could do a Kickstarter funding thing, like Hasbro HasLab does with their Ghostbusters collectors edition toys, to guarantee interest before production started. Maybe, one day!

If anyone from Mattel is out there, and you'd like some free and private advice on this, feel free to contact or post in our community here, we'd love to hear from you!


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Totally! Honestly Hasbro is onto something with their HasLab experiment - and it's launched several toys thus far that people are absolutely obsessed over, and have a pretty reasonable price, at least, as long as you're a backer on it, lol. I could see something similar for Mattel and it being very successful. Like you said, we'll pay the money if we're given a proper chance! And it will help the rest of the hobby cool down a bit in terms of pricing because, holey moley, some of these go for truly ugly prices these days...

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