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2nd September 2023
Now adding Dino-Riders, Spy-Tech and other Tyco classic toys!

5th August 2023
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1988 (2526-27) Twin Turbo Lamborghini Countach

Can't find much info on this car but I think it might be the first run of the Twin Turbo Lamborghini Countach 2526-27. Different box and realased in '88. Anyone know anything. I can't find it online anywhere. Thanks. -phil

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  • 20221009_103506.jpg
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Oh wow, you're right...  we have the 1989 2626-27 on our site, but that's earlier still.

Is it yours? Can you get more photos? I'll have to write a product page for this 🙂


Yes, it is mine. I just couldn't find much information on it. I'd eventually like to sell and I don't know the value. If you need more pictures let me know. -phil

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  • 20221009_102250.jpg
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  • 20221008_163018.jpg
  • 20221008_162959.jpg
  • 20221009_103640.jpg
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Oh my gosh.. Just saw these photos. Mate, that's a beauty!!!! It's virtually brand new...  That's a serious collectors-grade item. I've never seen one in such good condition.

Keep it, don't sell it. Most importantly, keep the box out of the sun, as the UV will degrade both the packaging and the car. And away from any moisture.

Very jealous here 🙂




Its beautiful! did the 89 still have the black frequency sticker? I wondered if they had some issues with the band. every black stickered one I've had seems to fail or not work well

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Finally made the page for this model 2526 here:

1988 Tyco Twin Turbo Lamborghini Countach

Interesting re: black sticker issues...